Silver plated necklace with solitaire diamond in butterfly pendant for women

Fashion Necklaces – Staying on point in front of a camera!

We all as humans have evolved to become persons with certain insecurities. Somehow all of us have some or the other, and it is nearly miraculous if you don’t have any insecurities whatsoever.

I have been a photographer for several years of my life, and I totally empathize with the people that I click since it is certainly a tough spot to be in. It makes one very easily vulnerable. I have shot several models, new and experienced and ofcourse there has been a lot of difference between the two. I have also shot just normal people who have no connections with being a model whatsoever and I have noticed a few things pertaining to a fashion necklace that i’d love to share!

fashion pearl necklace

Those that wear a fashion necklace infront of a camera have completely different aura in the final picture if it is easily visible. It gives a different kind of a confidence in ones eyes. I as a photographer have truly felt the difference.

Vibe matters a lot. I have not only felt the difference between a person wearing fashion necklace and a person not wearing a fashion necklace but have also felt the difference between persons wearing different kinds of fashion necklaces. I know this all seems a lot of strange all at once, but the thing is what I try to capture requires deep analysis and the right timing to click pictures.

I have noticed several kinds of fashion necklaces so let’s just break each of them down right here:

Lets first begin with those not wearing a fashion necklace:

There is ofcourse nothing wrong in not wearing a fashion chain, infact to some it more of a freeing experience to not wear a fashion necklace at all, while at times what I have observed in my photography endeavours is that some that do not wear fashion necklaces are a little more vulnerable in front of the lens than those that do. These are my honest observations, and I would truly appreciate if one does not take them too personally.

A Diamond Necklace:

Now I have had some people that wore a diamond necklace, probably it wasn’t made of true diamonds, but it gave the girl a different level of confidence. I could notice her adjust and re-adjust her diamond necklace so as to make it visible in the frame. Diamond necklaces often sparkle a lot when light reflects off of them, and it was very evident that she wanted the diamond necklace to be seen in the final picture. The picture ended up looking one of my absolute favourites somehow, maybe with the diamond necklace it gave a little more untold insights as to what the person likes. If someone is capturing you and your fashion necklace is not tucked in your shirt it is probably going to be visible since it rests on your chest.

A Fashion Pearl Necklace:

As I already mentioned vibe matters a lot in a picture. A smile, positivity, negativity, stress, tension in your face muscles, happiness and any emotions easily show in a picture. It may at times be that it may paint a slightly different picture of how you see yourself, but it is never too far off.

I once had an old woman in my studio. She was a happy lad, God bless her with peace, she wore a beautiful fashion pearl necklace with subtle coloured pearls. These were natural pearls, and the only vibe that i got from her was she was a happy person. I felt like her fashion pearl necklace was speaking to me. It was telling me that it matter what age one was at as long as they were happy. She told me her fashion pearl necklace was nearly 5 decades old and she needed a picture with it since it truly has remained a constant apart from her late husband who passed away 3 years ago. She was happy without her since she knew she had had a beautiful life with him. Its these things that always drew me towards photography. Her fashion pearl necklace wasn’t any lesser than Rose’s necklace that she held onto for years and years. The old woman gave me those positive vibes of timelessness. Her picture ended up appearing on several of my photo albums with her consent and we ended up creating an entire photo exhibit with just her shots with her beautiful fashion pearl necklace set. Oh did I forget to tell you that she had pearl earrings too? They were mesmerizing.


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